Welcome to the whimsical world of D.Atelier and explore unique gift ideas for all occasions and celebrations!

About Us

Our story started with DSoap Atelier which was drawn on the Mediterranean heritage of natural soap making and our family's mantra- to craft with only the purest of natural ingredients and preserve the technique of handcrafted soaps for a new generation of health-conscious consumers to enjoy!

We've grown into designing a line of unique gifts to share with loved ones, and transitioned our identity to D.Atelier which is an evolution of our love of offering the best for our customers and partners.

And so we welcome you to the whimsical world of D.Atelier to explore unique gift ideas for all occasions and celebrations! Experience the magic of gifting and the happiness it brings…Visit our website to view our wonders! and guess what… you can reach out to tailor your own gift just how you like it!

The D.Ateliers

The D.Ateliers

After contemplating the idea for quite some time, the two Lebanese ladies Jessica Saba and Nada Amine, made the leap in May 2020 to launch DSoap Atelier a unique gifting concept with natural handmade soaps at its core. With the business evolving, it was time to shift to D.Atelier and develop further the offerings to stand out in the gifting arena.

As a mompreneur, Jessica embraced on a new learning journey of perfecting the art of soap-making, using the best ingredients and techniques to ensure a premium and unique product is being made. While Nada brought on her love of branding and marketing to develop a new dimension to soap-making and gifting all together!

Together, with their perfect imperfections, just like their beautiful creations, they form the ultimate pair to offer creative gifting ideas, and natural artisanal products.